1. Differently-Abled Barbies Denise Duhamel
2. Grace  
3. The Little I know about Eyes  
4. Latency Review (with Jon Skuldt)
5. Ways I haven't died yet Jon Skuldt
6. Old Age Duane Locke
7. Before the Reunion Janet Mcann
8. Our Lady of the 55 Alan Catlin
9. After a Musical Interlude: Moments of Madness and Despair Followed by a Weekend in Schenectady by Butch Conn  
10. Chopin's Piano Charles Fishman
11. New Car Blues  
12. Rescuing Bobby Brady from a Disaster Movie, The Towering Inferno (1974) Daniel Nester
13. Conspiracy Theory Carly Sachs
14. Death Pass Aaron Brossiet
15. Shingles Margaret Ricketts
16. The Journey Howard Nelson
17. Watching Girls Softball  
18. Hound in Pond  

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