Denise Duhamel and Jon Skuldt

"I co-wrote/co-found this with a grad student when I taught last semester.
It's lifted from a paper one of the undergraduate students wrote about
readings he attended." -Denise Duhamel


I attended a reading on March 30, 2000 at the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium...
The reader was John (sic) Skuldt. I really enjoyed one line in a poem,
"people will believe anything if the lie is elaborate enough. "That is all
I liked about his work. He did write in a conversational and narrative
style. However, I got the feeling that he was a homosexual. I was very
disturbed when he said in his other poem, "His friend poked a 20 dollar
bill up his asshole" (sic). I felt very sick.
He did use metaphors in his work; love is a missile (sic). He spoke in a
very monotone voice and it seemed that he desperately needed a drink of
water. In another one of his poems, "Letter to Vladimir" (sic), there were
a lot of "s"sounds and "ck" sounds. There was no rhyming in his work,
but it was narrative. I was definitely not interested in his poetry. I am
not sure if it was because of his monotone voice or the fact that I could
understand his topics.
The only other poetry reading I ever attended was by Denise Duhamel, who
is very humorous. I really enjoyed Denise, but I wasn't too fond of
John (sic) Skuldt's poetry.
Overall, I did not like the atmosphere nor did I like the poetry. He
definitely looked homosexual.

--a found poem by Denise Duhamel and Jon Skuldt

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