Carly Sachs

Conspiracy Theory

Standing in line for tickets
he ponders how to impress her
he knows it's not going to be that stupid yawn trick
she's had too many men to buy that one
perhaps his hand will drape across her thigh
or he'll whisper lines of Russian poetry during the previews
while his hand creeps under her slip
brushing against her knees like blades of grass
then stop
so she will have to lean in and beg
he will refuse
excuse himself feigning hunger
she knows this game
when he is gone
she will slide down her panties
backside and legs burning against the cheap ruby seats
her dress resettling like curtains
he will bring her popcorn
placing the bag in her lap
she knows he's calculated this invasion
she keeps her eyes on the screen until she
can feel him perspiring parting her legs just enough
before he says grace tonight he will down a few shots of Cuttysark
wishing he could share his bragging rights with the boys back in Boston
but they know all too well that Jackie O. would never do a thing like that.